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We are in this line of business since 1990 with our various group companies and Sanctum Trading is our flagship company promoted by
Mr. Ashok Mudaliar.

Sanctum Trading , is primarily engaged in duty free & duty paid imports of wines & spirits, perfumes, toiletries, cigarettes & beverages for supply to foreign going Merchant Vessels , Indian Naval Ships , Coast guard Ships , Embassies, Diplomatic Missions, under license procured from Customs Department,Govt. of India in the name of Sanctum Trading.

Sanctum Group is one of the fastest growing conglomerates in a diverse array of business activities. Our operational prowess is to identify a plethora of tangible goods and physical energy from their original or stored destination to where they are required the most. Our global supply chain focuses on generating a sustainable commodity value for their customers. Our efforts for greater sustainability have led us to serious backward integration, in the area of agriculture and real estate. We are proud producers and builders of basic human necessities of food and shelter, through our Agriculture and Infrastructure companies.

Sanctum Trading Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is a leading International Trading Company advising buyers & suppliers in the business of International Trade. We are strategically located with bonded warehouses, and processing & logistics facilities. When dealing with Sanctum, our customers receive the benefit of our over 26 years of experience , vast network of operations in more than 22 countries. Sanctum Trading’s renowned industry reputation ensures that they receive the best quality at the most competitive prices.

Our People

Our people are the epicenter of our achievements. We have an amazing product and an elegant client roster; but the element that really brings it all together is our team. We handpick efficient communicators and innovative problem solvers, making sure that they share our resonance for our product.

Our team is an ensemble who knows their individual roles and responsibilities, and knows how to synchronize them for a perfect symphony. Service delivery is taken very seriously along with manufacturing excellence. When you collaborate with us, you automatically become an extension of our team and we, yours.


Our Company’s success is based on our most valuable asset: our people. Our accomplishments are not just because our vision or our product, but our employees, who implement our vision and build our products, day-in and day out.

Our employees thrive, with us, because we understand that, our customers will never love our products, unless our employees don't love our company. Being a great workplace, is what separates us from the good companies, and makes us a great company. At Sanctum; everyone matters.


Holding profitable stakes in effective, impact driven market leading companies without international boundaries.


Sanctum aims to be a long term market leader in all business activities it participates while maintaining steady sustainability for all its business aspects. We are resolute in achieving our ambition whilst embodying the following values:

Our Values :

We consider our clients as partners and work with them unanimously to understand, and help accomplish their vision of a safe and comfortable work environment. We seldom believe in rigid practices and believe each organization has different needs and requirements.


Integrity is a way of life at Sanctum; it is how we operate and defines of business practices. We believe in transparent policies and transactions, and recognize that, this is the only way forward. Providing a product which ultimately affects the safety of a human being is an important task, and we do not compromise in this. We are not afraid to stand alone when it is the right thing to do.


We are commitied to offering exceptional products and services, helping our clients in maximizing the safety quotient and comfort element of a working environment. We demonstrate absolute professionalism and help deliver incomparable customer satisfaction to our collaborations. We develop and share a contagious awareness about your human resource vision and translate it into something exceptional.


We anticipate change and adapt ourselves to serve you better. We recognize the limitations and opportunities within our industry and create ethical forward thinking solutions to overcome them. Innovative thinking is the fuel that powers our workforce.

Knowledge and Improvement

No team knows everything they need to know to be successful. We are an ever learning organization; we assess, scrutinize and develop ourselves to serve our clients better. We are determined to outperform what has previously been accomplished.